About us

   HuangJu Food (Taiwan) is a major exporter company that specializes in Taiwanese snacks. Our value is to serve the customer with “Finest Quality, Service Oriented, Fast Delivery, and Reasonable Price". By this value, we aspire to become the best partners of importers/exporters worldwide. By promoting Taiwan’s snacks internationally we are confident that this action can lift Taiwan’s reputation in the eyes of the world. 
   We've exported to more than a dozen countries worldwide, this leads us to understand the import regulations in each country. By having a wide range of customers base: import product wholesalers, high-end supermarkets, chain supermarkets, budget supermarkets, Asian supermarkets, import snack shops, restaurant, particular channels, etc.,. We possess excellent product selection accuracy for our customer. By conducting a large-scale procurement, have the lowest profit margin, and provides reasonable prices, we achieve a win-win situation for factories, exporters, distributors, and consumers.
   HuangJu’s professional purchasing team explores many new varieties of Taiwanese snacks weekly from all parts of the country. By using the customer's owned product design and ideas, our company also provides OEM and ODM products and services. We try our best to be always on the same line with various domestic food factories, by understanding the production process of various products and the factory environment. In addition, we strive to be the most stringent inspection guard for our partners, to eliminate illegal raw materials and production processes.
   With our professional team, we manage to shorten the production lead team, which can effectively shorten the delivery time and achieve the goal of fast delivery. Furthermore, we also do a strict checking beforehand every shipping process, to meet the customers' desires. 

   HuangJu Food (HongKong) is our branch company in Hong Kong, it exists to expand our products to Hong Kong and Macao. After years of familiarity and acumen in the food industry, the Hong Kong branch company developed rapidly in Hong Kong and Macao. We provide high-quality products, with hundreds of variations, and our own brand "Fun TW", has created a good impression of a high-quality product with an affordable price yet delicious in the hearts of Hong Kong consumers. Our sales team always strive to expand to a different kind of shops/ store such as imported snack shops, small and medium-sized supermarkets, high-end department store are all our partners. By using our logistic distribution capabilities, they have distributed our products daily in various regions and sales channels in Hong Kong for local customers.
   Every month, we have an exclusive exhibition team to display and promote our products in Hong Kong and Macao. The local international food exhibition and winter food exhibition in Hong Kong are the highlights. In addition, for the Macao area, our products also available at Venetian hotels, imported snack store, and exhibitions events.